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Local Gov: Civilian services, Cannabis, Disabilities, Parks, Permit & Business Management

Bridging the gap between the government and the general public.

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Technological Solutions for Entities and Public

Through technological advancement, the government can establish stronger, wiser, and vibrant communities. Many specialized software now allows the government to act and work efficiently and effectively with the general public.

Technology can help enable innovative governance operations like safely building new businesses, opening new doors, and staying acquiescence. On our platform, entities can find technological experts who would then help them improve their employees' work efficiency.

Our platform connects the government with appropriate technological software vendors, enabling efficiency. The government can rely on technology to serve the general public—for business management, enforcement, raids, inspections, permissions, compliance, maintenance, community development solutions, work management, bill payments and placements, 311 requests, and recreational management; suites and parks.

How we Help Our Clients

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Rehabilitation Services Systems

Vocational rehabilitation excellence to ensure the success of clients in the professional environment

Veterans Benefits Management Systems

Serving the ones that served their country

Government Employee Compensation Management Systems

Through our platform, access technologies reduce the processing time by enhancing workers' reward cases programs.

Community Services Management Systems

Equip your entity with technologies for better independence of participants and consultancy efficiency.

Medical Cannabis Regulation Systems

Through our platform, entities can access technologies to manage patients and provider registration to handle this governing challenge.

Financial Regulators Agency Systems

Join our platform for financial regulatory compliance programs

Public Services Commission Agency Systems

Look after all management procedures that facilitates every step of the oversight process with a single solution

Regulatory Compliance Management System

Modernized and abridged solution for every compliance challenge

Parks Management System

Bringing a revolution in access to recreational activities for citizens

Government Meetings Management

Leverage software that ensures smooth meetings.

Content Management System

Efficient access to records and documents

Electronic Forms

Manage your forms, from conception to production

Utility Solutions

Resolutions to empower civic and autonomous utility arrangements

Utility Billing System

Payment and account supervision apps for civic and autonomous utility establishments

Online Utility Billing Portal

Accommodate your customers by offering them online account and payment access

Service Orders System

Leverage your entity and manage operations efficiently.

Smart Meters

Equip yourself with technologies that encourage customer interaction through an easily accessible portal.

IVR System

Equip yourself with technologies and provide customers access to information and bill payment through the phone.

Property Tax Management

Simplify your tax billing and collections with easy-to-use property tax administration software

Citizen Engagement Applications

Ranging organizational influence in a mobile app

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