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Fire Department & EMS

Empowering the first responders with technological resources.

Evolving the management system of the Fire Department

In-depth information on any particular topic can be the biggest factor in personal safety in the fire department. Become a patron of our platform to gain access to the many technical resources available that can revolutionize the data management system of first responder agencies. The different software solutions made available to you on our platform help you in improving accessibility to incident-related data more quickly. With a customizable platform, you will be able to monitor all activities with efficiency.

  • Clear, concise real-time information
  • Role-based data available as needed on mobile applications
  • Automatic updates and information-sharing between applications
  • Feature-rich GIS capabilities for faster routing and better preparation
  • Automated fire field inspections
  • Easily monitor dispatch activity and calls
  • Electronically approve field-based reports
How We Help Our Customers

Quick access to imperative data

Join our platform to find many technical experts that can empower the firefighters to execute each rescue with more safety and accuracy. Our platform's technology experts provide first responders with the means to access all related information to any rescue or situation such as:

  • View architectural information to pinpoint floorplans and entrances.
  • Review location of fire hydrants
  • We are utilizing data to get situational alerts and execution recommendations.
  • Virtualized view of the property for more in-depth planning

Increasing crew safety and collaboration

Become a patron of our platform to gain access to technical solutions that can enable firefighters to be well informed. Direct access to the dispatch database allows them to have detailed information about all vital factors of a rescue.

  • Having automatic vehicle location abilities
  • Have instant access to dispatch information base and alerts.
  • Activity monitoring capabilities that allow managing authorities to have real-time knowledge of the rescue progress
  • Have in-unit communication capability to reduce the radio channel traffic disruptions.
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